The Rove Skewer Electoral Math Game for Windows

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Skewer Instructions:

"Karl Rove, Political Advisor to President Bush, has determined that his boss will lose the national popular vote again in 2004. But by much more than the paltry 1/2 million votes in 2000; perhaps by tens of millions. Anticipating this loss, Karl must find a combination of states that will each give Mr. Bush a bare plurality and the 270 (or more) electoral votes for victory. Karl needs help in finding the greatest skew, the margin by which the President may lose the popular vote and still win in the Electoral College. Your task is to select the combination of states that yields the greatest skew, thereby comforting Karl in proportion to the skew count. Karl and his trusty corps of GOP lawyers will ignore states not selected, so his worst-case planning will give Mr. Kerry all votes in non-Bush states. Your rank among the skewmeisters is shown by the meter on the right."

Record Skews

57,115,717 - by Contributor 146 - 1 September 2004
Note: the skews obtained by The Rove Skewer cannot be compared with results in the Electoral Skew Project. The Project uses electoral vote apportionments from 2000, while the Skewer uses those from 2004. (Both use 2000 state voter populations.)

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