Extract from War Department General Order no. 77, 1944 for award of Distinguished (Presidential) Unit Citation to the 37th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop:

"VII__BATTLE HONORS.--1. As authorized by Executive Order No. 9396 (sec. I, Bull. 22, WD, 1943), superseding Executive Order No. 9075 (sec. III, Bull. 11, WD, 1942), citation of the following unit in General-Orders, No. 187, Headquarters 37th Infantry Division, 14 August 1944, as approved by the Commanding General, United States Army forces in the Far East, is confirmed under the provisions of section IV, Circular No. 333, War Department, 1943, in the name of the President of the United States as public evidence of deserved honor and distinction. The citation reads as follows:

"The 37th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized, is cited for outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy at Bougainville, Solomon Islands, during the period 16 November 1943 to 6 April 1944. Originally trained and equipped to perform motorized missions, this unit vigorously adapted itself to the exigencies of jungle warfare. It undertook many long-distance reconnaissance patrols deep into enemy territory, skillfully reconnoitered and accurately mapped more than 270 miles of trails, and gathered intelligence data which contributed materially to subsequent combat operations. The 37th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop spent more than 60 days and nights in enemy country. One patrol trekked 68 miles over mountainous jungle terrain. Contacts with the enemy were numerous, but the 37th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop exhibited high combat efficiency by uniformly inflicting severe losses on the enemy while sustaining only minimal casualties. The 37th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop displayed its versatility during the attacks of the Japanese on the American perimeter in March 1944, when it functioned as an Infantry company. Its assignments were many: Two platoons executed a counterattack over a steep 50-foot slope, and defended the regained positions against bitter enemy attacks; one platoon efficiently manned front-line positions; and the armored vehicle section evacuated wounded and maintained supplies over a route exposed to constant enemy fire. Despite a casualty rate of 51 percent during this perimeter defense action, the 37th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop successfully completed every mission. The service of this unit has been a brilliant example of collective resourcefulness, energy, capacity, and fidelity to duty."