Dark Age Memory

As my Yule fire wanes in this great hall
Sing O Skald of the battle.
Wake my karls with the tale long past
When the Thunderer stormed in the forest.

Summon the hero who stole for wife
The lovely and loyal Thusnelda.
Sing once more of our greatfather's might
And awaken the shade of Hermann.

Tell us again of the three numbered hosts
Seventeen and eighteen and nineteen.
Nigh slain to a man they cursed the day
They came to the groves of our forest.

Tell the ire of the great southern king
Whose eagles we hung in our groves
To honor the gods of the Teutoburg place
And proof of the might of Hermann.

Sing for my guests from the new weakling god
Who suffered his child to die
At the hands of the same southern men
Who feared the gods of our forest.

Now send off these men who would make you a thrall
To a god they kill and eat.
Hold fast the memory of our old northern gods
And their beloved hero Hermann.

Hermann der Cherusci.

by Jim Billiter, (c) 2005