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Descendants of Joseph Billiter and Elizabeth Filler fl Maryland Colony 1671-1687

Sixth Generation


55. Leah Hauser (Leah Billiter , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born on 9 Oct 1807 in Bethania, Stokes Co, North Carolina. She died in Bet. 1872 - 1881 in Bellmore, Parke Co, Indiana.

Leah married Andrew Thomasson on 30 Oct 1826 in Stokes (Forsyth) Co, North Carolina/Stokes Co., North Carolina. Andrew was born on 5 Sep 1804 in Yadkin Co, North Carolina. He died in Bef. Mar 1867 in Buck Shoal, Yadkin Co, North Carolina.

Marriage Notes:


Leah and Andrew had the following children.

+ 132 M i Wiley M. Thomasson was born in 1827. He died in 1865.
+ 133 M ii Basil Armstrong Thomasson was born on 9 Sep 1829. He died in Sep 1862.
  134 F iii Martha M. Thomasson was born in 1832 in Forsyth Co, North Carolina. She died in Bef. 1870 in North Carolina.
        Martha married Alexander Johnson on 30 Aug 1853.
  135 M iv William Clark Thomasson was born on 10 Sep 1834 in Forsyth Co, North Carolina. He died in Bef. 1859 in Wilkes, North Carolina.
        William married Nancy C. Hampton.
  136 F v Mary P. C. Thomasson was born in 1840 in Forsyth Co, North Carolina. She died in Aft. 1870 in Indiana.
        Mary married Ezekiel Williams. Ezekiel died in 1860.
+ 137 F vi Eliza Ann Thomasson was born on 16 Jan 1842. She died on 8 Oct 1931.
  138 M vii Emory Caleb Thomasson was born in Jan 1845 in Stokes Co, North Carolina. He died in 1920 in Eldorado, Jackson Co, Oklahoma.
        Emory married Mary Pardue in 1873.
  139 M viii Joseph Thomasson was born in 1849 in Forsyth Co, North Carolina.

56. William Clarke I Hauser Rev. & M.D. (Leah Billiter , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born on 23 Dec 1812 in Bethania, Stokes (Forsyth) Co., North Carolina. He died on 15 Sep 1880 in Wadley, Jefferson Co, Georgia. He was buried in Hesperia (his plantation) in Jefferson Co, Georgia.

GenForum Message Boards and book portion of this program on the story of
William Clarke Hauser
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William Hauser of GA -- 19th c.
Posted by: john hauser roark Date: June 05, 1999 at 19:16:58
of 274
Does anyone out there know anyting about my ancestor, Dr. William Hauser,
originally from Winston-Salem area but moved to GA in mid-19th century.
He was a doctor, Methodist minister, professor in the Med College of GA
when it was in Savannah, and a fine musician. He edited "The Hesperian
Harp" (said to be one of dozen most significant shaped-note hymnals ever
published in the US, published in Dayton, VA in 1839. He also published
"The Olive Leaf" in the 1850's. He is written up in the works of the
noted American "White Spirituals" expert, George Pullen Jackson of
Vanderbilt. I bought the bookby Kenneth Hauser a number of years ago,
and my great-great-grandfather's name isn't even in it and none of his
accomplishments, although the Moravian Music Foundation labels him
"Appalachia's most significant contribution to American music." I bear
his name as my middle name (my mother's maiden name), andhis gifts rest
in me, both an organist / choir person by undergraduate degreeand a
Presbyterian minister of 35 years. I'd love to hear from anyone who might
know anything more about him and his work.
William C. Hauser of GA info
Posted by: Rolland K. Hauser Date: June 22, 1999 at 11:47:21
In Reply to: William Hauserof GA -- 19th c. by john hauser roark  of 274
John: You will find reference to Dr. & Rev. William C. Hauser in the
family line of Martin Hauser III and Leah Billeter (actually Billiter) on
p. 278 of Kenneth Hauser's book. You alsowill find a paragraph, with a
footnote of references, about William C. on p.76 and a rather poor
reproduction of an engraving of him on p. 77. I have microfilm copies of
William C.'s Hesperian Harp and The Olive Leaf which were made for me by
the Research Library at UCLA. I have examined other original William C.
materials, including some autographic letters and billings from his
Wadley, GA, pharmacy (which featured patent medicines in alcohol
solutions)in the Historical Library in Savannah, Georgia. He also owned
a guano plant in Wadley! Finally, the LDS Family History Library has a
copy of Schmidt, Annie Laura (Hauser), "Eight Known Generations of the
Hauser Family in America: 1726 to 1956", publ. by the Hauser Printing
Co., New Orleans, LA, 1956(?) which has an extensive presentation about
William C. and his family. If you willcontact me at my e-mail address I
have notes I can send you. We are cousins.We both descend from Martin
I have been especially interested in William Hauser,MD, (1-13-1812,
Bethania, NC--9-18-1880, Wadley, GA; buried at Hesperia, hisplantation
in Jefferson County, GA) Martin's son, my great-great-grandfather.He was
a Methodist minister (probably a Moravian originally) in GA, a doctor, a
professor in the Medical College of GA when it was in Savannah, and (most
important to me), a musician who edited two fine early American,
shaped-note hymnbooks. He edited "The Hesperian Harp" and published it in
1839. Much later he published "The Olive Leaf." Many tunes from "The
Hesperian Harp" arein modern American hymnals. I have an original copy
that belonged to Jefferson Davis; it has his signature in the front of
it. I acquired it (very expensive, from a collector) in 1977. He is
written up extensively in music historypublications of this century,
discussing the particular American musical phenomenon known as "fasolla"
or "shaped note" singing. His picture is in a notedwork, "White
Spirituals in the Southern Uplands" by George Pullen Jackson of
Vanderbilt, published in the 1930's. I am part

William married Eliza M. Renshaw on 23 Mar 1837 in Rowan Co, North Carolina. Eliza was born in 1813 in Rowan Co, North Carolina. She died in Aft. 1880 in Wadley, Jefferson Co, Georgia. She was buried in Hesperia (his plantation) in Jefferson Co, Georgia.

They had the following children.

+ 140 F i Caroline Elizabeth "Callie" Hauser was born on 8 Jan 1838. She died on 4 Jun 1926.
+ 141 M ii William Clarke II Hauser was born on 18 Aug 1844. He died on 30 Jul 1919.
+ 142 M iii Charles Victor McLandhton Hauser was born on 26 May 1847. He died on 19 Dec 1919.

57. Joseph Billiter (Joseph , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born about 1796 in Fayette Co, Pennsylvania. He died in 1859 in Lancaster Twp, Huntington Co, Indiana. He was buried in 1859 in Mt Etna Cem, Huntington Co, Indiana.

Joseph (JoeJr)  went "down the river" from Belle Vernon, PA to Brown Co, OH after the 1820 census was taken.  A history of Brown County says the family's arrival was when Hugh was 2-3 years old, and mentions Joseph's wife, Elizabeth.  Since Hugh was b c 1819, that puts the arrival in Brown Co, OH in 1821-1822.  Courtesy Karen Romick.

The family group appears in the 1850 census of Huntington Co, IN.  Courtesy JHB

Many details of Joseph's family group are courtesy John Curry, as well as many new descendants of JoeJr m Elizabeth Schaffer.  John's genealogical biography of his gg-grandmother, Sarah Jane Billiter Bowman, may be found at http://www.billiter.com/oldjoe/sarahj.htm.  Sarah Jane is a daughter of Joeeph Billiter and Elizabeth Schaffer.

John Curry also wrote (May 2003) about burials in Huntington Co, Indiana:
"Old Cemetery at Mt Etna - about a mile south between old and new highway, easr side of new highway, in woods, completely overgrown.
Billiter Lot
1. (Joseph Billiter?)
2. (Elizabeth Shaffer Billiter?)
3. (Nathan Billiter?)
4. Cyrena J Billiter, dau of J and R Billiter, died June 3, 1855 aged 4 months 23 days
5. Mary R Wiles, wife of John G Wiles
6. Minerva Logan  (on Billiter plot)
7. Lyda E Billiter, dau of N and N Billiter, dies Sept 21, 1867 aged 4 years 6 months 12 days."

Joseph married Elizabeth Schaffer about 1815 in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was born about 1795 in Pennsylvania. She died in 1869 in Huntington Co, Indiana. She was buried in 1869 in Mt Etna Cem, Huntington Co, Indiana.

They had the following children.

+ 143 M i Solomon Saul Billiter was born in 1817. He died in 1896.
+ 144 M ii Hugh Ford Billiter was born on 16 Mar 1819. He died on 17 Aug 1893.
+ 145 F iii Sarah Jane Billiter was born on 2 Mar 1821. She died on 21 Sep 1896.
+ 146 M iv William M Billiter was born in 1824. He died in 1909.
+ 147 F v Corinda Ann Billiter was born in 1826. She died in 1916.
+ 148 F vi Mary R Billiter was born in 1827 (or 1831). She died about 1865.
  149 M vii David R Billiter was born in 1823 or 1828. He died in 1888.

David was active in the Underground Railroad in Huntington Co, Indiana prior to the Civil War. Courtesy John Curry.
        David married Catherine.
+ 150 M viii Joseph H Billiter was born in 1831 (or 1834). He died about 1865.
+ 151 M ix Nathan J Billiter was born in 1837. He died about 1865.
+ 152 F x Drusilla E Billiter was born in 1837. She died in 1904.
  153 M xi Henry S Billiter was born in 1841 in Ohio. He died in 1894.
        Henry married Hannah A Pinkerton, daughter of John H Pinkerton and Mary Jefferis Bennett, on 11 Apr 1863. Hannah was born in 1838 in Ohio. She died on 26 Mar 1920 in Huntington Co, Indiana.

Hannah's marriage, spouse, and parent information are Courtesy Ancestry.com: Fisher/Ohlfest Genealogy.

59. Euphemia "Fannie" Billiter (Joseph , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ).

"Mrs. Elizabeth Enix, born 7 Apr 1822 PA - died 30 Mar 1912, Paris Twp. Union, Ohio (parents John Thompson & Euphemia Billiter)." This death record courtesy Karen Romick 2009.

Fannie married John Thompson in 1824 in Belle Vernon, Washington Co, Pennsylvania.

They had the following children.

  154 F i Elizabeth Thompson was born on 7 Apr 1822 in Pennsylvania. She died on 30 Mar 1912 in Paris Twp, Union, Ohio.
        Elizabeth married Enix.

60. Sarah Jane Billiter (Joseph , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born in 1800/1804.

Sarah Jane belongs to this family because it is the only possible Billiter family in PA at the time.  From census data of 1810 and 1820, Sarah is probably the youngest daughter.

Please see Marguerite Howard's fine Web page on the Dobbs family at
http://www.rootsweb.com/~wvmarsha/dobbs.htm, which led us to Sarah Jane.

Sarah married William Henry Dobbs. William was born about 1784 in Ireland. He died on 15 Jul 1861 in Marshall Co, Virginia.

"WILLIAM HENRY DOBBS, b Abt. 1784 in Ireland, d 15 July 1861 in Marshall Co., WV. Married (1) SARAH JANE BILLITER in PA., (2) MARY AMOS, d 4 Sept. 1837, Marshall Co., WV, at the age of 39 years. (3) NANCY ROBERTS (possibly married name of HELMS), d Mar. 1874, Marshall Co., WV."
Courtesy Marguerite Howard.

They had the following children.

  155 F i Nancy Dobbs was born on 13 May 1824 in Pennsylvania. She died on 21 Jan 1901 in Marshall Co, Virginia. She was buried in R.L.D.S. Cemetery on Nauvoo Ridge, Marshall Co, West Virginia.

"NANCY DOBBS, b 13 May 1824 in PA, d 21 Jan. 1901 in Marshall Co., WV. Married AARON HARRIS, s/o JOHN FRANKLIN HARRIS & NANCY "AGNES" BITTENGER/BINNEGAR, in 1841. Both are buried in the R.L.D.S. Cemetery on Nauvoo Ridge, Marshall Co., WV"
Courtesy Marguerite Horard.
        Nancy married Aaron Harris, son of John Franklin Harris and Nancy Bittenger "Agnes", in 1841. Aaron was buried in R.L.D.S. Cemetery on Nauvoo Ridge, Marshall Co, West Virginia.

61. Noah C Billiter Sr (Joseph , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born about 1801 in Pennsylvania. He died about Feb 1864 in Marshall Co, West Virginia.

Much detail of Noah C, Sr's line was kindly provided by Donna Lester.

Billetter, Noah C.  Marshall Co., VA. Will probated 1863, Vol 1, p. 309.
Made 11/27/1863, recorded 12/14/1863.
To:  Wife      Ellen            Personal property and real estate.
    Daughter  Jane Lydick      $25
    Son       Joseph P.        $10
    Son       Anger C.         $10
    Son       John C.          $5
    Daughter  Euphemia Connel  $100
    Son       Turner P.        $300
    Son       Noah C.          Balance
Courtesy RPB, JHB

Noah married Eleanor Dobbs, daughter of Angier Dobbs and Jane, about 1823. Eleanor was born about 1800 in Ireland. She died after 1870.

Courtesy Mae Nolan:
"1870 Marshall Co. Census (living in same household)
Billater, Ellenor age 70 female, $500, born Ireland
Billater, Noah age 30 male, born VA, coal miner-mother foreign born"

They had the following children.

+ 156 F i Jane Billiter was born on 22 May 1825. She died on 15 Apr 1882.
+ 157 M ii Angier C Billiter was born in 1828. He died in 1897.
+ 158 M iii Joseph C Billiter was born about 1827.
+ 159 M iv John C Billiter was born about 1831.
  160 F v Euphemia Billiter was born about 1834 in Marshall Co, Virginia.
        Euphemia married William McConnell on 5 Jul 1855 in Marshall Co, Virginia. William was born about 1830.
+ 161 M vi Turner P Billiter was born on 6 Jul 1835. He died after 1911.
  162 M vii Noah C Billiter Jr was born in Jul 1840 in Marshall Co, Virginia. He died on 7 Mar 1911 in Sandusky, Erie Co, Ohio. He was buried in Old Soldiers and Sailors Cem, Sandusky, Erie Co, Ohio.

Death information courtesy Donna Lester.

62. James Billiter (Joseph , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born about 1802 in Pennsylvania. He died about 1834 in Belle Vernon, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Gould Hill Cem, Belle Vernon, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania.

Reconstructing the James Billiter Family of PA           7/2000

(James is s/o Joe the Boat Builder.)            by Jim Billiter

As of January, 2000 we knew that Joseph Billiter (b where?
1765-1774, fl 1796-1826 Belle Vernon, PA) had five sons, Joseph
Jr, Noah C, James, Lewis, and John.  We call Joseph Sr 'Joe the Boat
Builder', and abbreviate that as 'JoeBB'.  (My apologies to
ggg-grandpa Joe.)

Three sons propagated the Billiter name 'down the river'.  First
Joe Jr in the early 1820's went to Brown Co, OH with a young
family.  By the 1830's Noah C and his much younger brother, John,
landed in Marshall Co, VA, somewhat south of Wheeling.  We have a
fair amount of detail about many of their descendants, which
include myself.

We knew nothing of the other two sons, James and Lewis, except
that they were buried with JoeBB in the Gould Hill Cemetery in
Belle Vernon from the following source.

    "The Old and New Monongahela" written in 1893 by John S. Van
    Voorhis. (Gen Pub Co)  Courtesy RPB, JHB p. 315.  "The first
    burial ground intended for Bellevernon was on the well-known
    Gould hill, situated now in the village of 'Seldom Seen.'
    During Wylie's ownership of the land, permission for burial
    was granted and J. B. Gould, who succeeded Wylie, gave the
    same privilege.  The remains of Louis Cisly were the first
    to be interred in this ground, but in what year we connot
    ascertain.  Then followed the burial of Casper Ebner, Joseph
    Billiter and his two sons, James and Lewis."

Indeed, this burial information has been the only reason to add
James and Lewis to JoeBB's family group, until now.  Bill Moyer
of Garden Grove, CA recently sent the family group of James H
Billiter, b PA 4/17/1833, Bill's gg-grandfather.  Bill thought
that James H was probably a grandson of JoeBB.

In PA's genealogical wasteland from the period, we have only a
few scattered land and census records.  I will use these to make
a case for a Billiter line in PA descended from James Billiter,
s/o JoeBB.  Note that I will rely heavily on the rarity of the
Billiter name, proximity to Belle Vernon, and the dangerous
assumption that 'absence of evidence is evidence of absence' in
census data.  The last is usually a fallacy, but census data are
intended to be exhaustive, so it might be admitted by exception,
especially during the period of PA's genealogical dark age.  For
example:  I conclude that JoeBB died before 1830 because he does
*not* appear in the 1830 census; there is no death certificate
for JoeBB, simply because PA didn't make death certificates at
the time.  And of course, we have never found JoeBB's will, and
his grave was destroyed in the early 1900's.

Now to the argument.  There were Billiter progeny in PA,
proximate to Belle Vernon, in the 1800's after Joe Jr, Noah C,
and John went 'down the river'.  Those Billiters (Priscilla,
James H, Henry, etc.) remaining near Belle Vernon are almost
certainly descended from JoeBB's sons, Lewis and James, who were
buried at Gould Hill with their father. James and Lewis stayed
and died in PA.

From Voorhis' wording in his history (above) it appears that
James and Lewis died not long after JoeBB, at least from Voorhis'
remote standpoint in 1893.

A James Billiter appears in the 1830 PA census, but Lewis does
not.  James is the right age and in the right place, a few miles
from Belle Vernon, to be JoeBB's son, and our only candidate.

    Billetor, James,  Westmoreland Co., (130) Rostrave (sp?)
    district, PA.          Courtesy JHB    2 males under 5, 1
    male between 20 and 30, 1* female under 5, 1* female between
    5 and 10, 1* female between 10 and 15, 1 female between 20
    and 30, 1 female between 50 and 60.  (*: the count looks
    like a cross between a one and a zero.  There are no zeros
    elsewhere on the page, blanks indicate zero, so it must be a

    John Blitter is listed in the index for Philadelphia
    mupg. 286.  Joseph Billiter does not appear in the index or
    in the Fayette Co.  Detail.          Courtesy EKB

( Ralph Billiter has noted that the eldest female in James'
household could well be JoeBB's widow, Sarah Seward Billiter. )

If Lewis died before 1830, then he was perhaps without issue.
And that leaves James, who survived in 1830, but is absent in
1840.  Assume that James died between 1830 and 1840, the only
possible Billiter patriarch at that time.  So, where is his

We have found no Billiters in PA's 1840 census.  Because Lewis
and JoeBB died before 1830, and James in the 1830's.

Census data from 1850:
CNS PA 1850:  Fayette Co., Cookstown Borough:  Courtesy RPB, EKB
             Billiter, Susan     49   b. PA   PE=1200
                       Henry     21   b. PA   Glassblower
                       James     17   b. PA   Glassblower
                       Sarah P   19   b. PA
             Green Co. , Monongahela Twp.:
             Belliter, Lewis     22   b. PA   Glassblower
                       Nancy     20   b. PA
                   James Henry 1/12   b. PA

Cookstown Borough became Fayette City in 1854.  Note that Susan,
b 1801, is likely a widow.  Whose?  Not Lewis', dead by 1830,
after which Susan is still having children in 1831 and 1833.  By
age, proximity, and elimination, Susan is then James' widow.
Also, the Lewis Billiter in nearby Green Co, is probably the
second of the two males under 5 years in the 1830 census for
James' household.

Conclusions --

- James died abt 1834, at age 32 (approx): from his widow's
household in 1850 they had been robustly building a family (of
glassblowers), but halted suddenly after young James's birth in

- James' family comprised at least 1) wife Susan b 1801, 2) son
Lewis b 1828, 3) son Henry b 1829, 4) daughter Sarah P b 1831,
and 5) son James b 1833.

- By name, proximity, and DOB, James (s/o James m Susan) is Bill
Moyer's gg-grandfather, James H.  The family group (James H m
Margaret Guinn) is courtesy Bill.

The family groups for Lewis and Henry (the other sons of James
and Susan) can be at least partially completed from the 1880 PA
census data and several IGI entries.  (But not discussed here.)

This line is viewable at http://www.billiter.com/oldjoe/.
Author: Jim Billiter, Jim@Billiter.com

James married Susan "Susanna". Susanna was born in 1801 in Pennsylvania.

Family group from 1850 PA census.  Assumed Susan was a widow.  JHB

They had the following children.

+ 163 F i Margaret Billiter was born in 1822.
+ 164 M ii Lewis Billiter was born in 1828.
+ 165 M iii Henry Billiter was born in 1829.
  166 F iv Sarah P Billiter was born in 1831 in Pennsylvania.
+ 167 M v James H Billiter was born on 17 Apr 1833.

64. John Billiter (Joseph , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born about Apr 1816 in Pennsylvania. He died on 14 Dec 1868 in Tyler Co, West Virginia.

Many details of John and Lucy's descendants are courtesy Mae Nolan and Karen Romick.

John married Lucy Ann Crow, daughter of Peter Crow and Suzanna Earlewine, on 12 Nov 1835 in Marshall Co, Virginia. Lucy was born about 1820 in Virginia.

According to Peter Billiter's statement for his 1898 marriage to Essie Wey:
his mother is Lucy Ann Crowe. - JHB

May have died 28 April, 1913, Washington Co, PA - Courtesy Jim Eddy

They had the following children.

+ 168 M i Lewis H Billiter was born in Sep 1837. He died on 1 Jun 1923.
+ 169 F ii Susan Billiter was born on 29 Nov 1838. She died on 3 Jan 1899.
+ 170 F iii Euphemia "Famy" Billiter was born about 1842.
+ 171 M iv Noah Billiter was born on 14 Feb 1842. He died on 2 Jan 1926.
  172 F v Jane Billiter was born about 1846 in Marshall, Virginia.
        Jane married Jacob M Kiester on 15 Dec 1869 in Ohio Co, West Virginia.

Marriage Notes:

Marriage record courtest Karen J Romick.

+ 173 F vi Ellen Billiter was born about 1848.
  174 F vii Nancy Billiter was born about 1849 in Marshall, Virginia.
+ 175 M viii John W Billiter was born about 1854.
+ 176 M ix James Billiter was born on 15 Feb 1855. He died on 25 Jan 1926 from Acute bright disease, age 72y 11m 10days.
  177 F x Mary Billiter was born on 19 Sep 1857 in Tyler, Virginia.
        Mary married Joshua Brothers on 27 Dec 1877 in Wetzel Co, West Virginia. Joshua was born about 1854 in Belmont Co, Ohio.

Marriage Notes:

Marriage could also have been 3 Jan 1878 - Courtesy Donna Lester.

+ 178 M xi Jeremiah Marvin "Jerry" Billiter was born in Mar 1860. He died on 22 Nov 1936.
+ 179 M xii Peter Billiter was born on 15 Nov 1862. He died on 27 Dec 1927.
+ 180 M xiii George Washington Billiter was born in Oct 1864. He died on 13 Aug 1939 from Cerebral hemmorage - 73y 9m 28days.

66. Charles "Charley" Billiter (Edward , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born in 1813 in Tazwell Co, Virginia. He died about 1881 in Pike Co, Kentucky.

Much data regarding Charles Billiter and descendents was provided by Carol
Billiter Sayler of Pike County, Kentucky.

Charles is s/o Edward. Courtesy Teresa Taylor 2007.

Birth dates and occupation source: 1850 Grant County Census. (Pike?? - JHB)

Charles' and Mary's family does not appear in the 1830 or 1840 censuses for Pike County.  They must have moved there in the 1840's, since the group appears in the 1850 county census:
Billiter, Charles, 37 M, Shoe Maker, b VA, can't R/W
Billiter, Mary, 33 F, b NC, can't R/W
Billiter, John W, 11 M, b KY
Billiter, Susannah A, 10 F, b KY
Billiter, Wm C, 9 M, b KY
Billiter, Jas N D, 6 M, b KY
Billiter, Tabitha, 5 F, b KY
Billiter, Mary J, 1 F, b KY  Courtesy JHB.

Courtesy JHB: 1860 Pike Co, Kentucky census
Charles Billater 47 Male Farmerlab b Virginia
Mary _____ 44 Female b North Carolina
John W ___ 22 Male b Kentucky
Susannah ___ 20 Female b Kentucky
Tobitha _____ 16 Female b Kentucky
James ______ 13 Male b Kentucky
Mary J ______ 12 Female b Kentucky
Victoria _____  11 Female b Kentucky
Leuvena ____ 10 Female b Kentucky
Sarah ______ 6 Female b Kentucky
Charles _____ 3 Male b Kentucky

Courtesy JHB:  1870 Pike Co, Kentucky census
Billater, Charles 56 Male White Shoemaker b Virginia
_____, Mary 53 Female White Keeping house b North Carolina
_____, John W 32 Male White Farmer b Kentucky
_____, Tabitha 25 Female White b Kentucky
_____, Sarah C(?) 15 Female White b Kentucky
_____, --ha---- (?) 13 Male White Farm Laborer b Kentucky
_____, Frances 9 Female White b Kentucky
_____, James 4 Male White b Kentucky
_____, Mary 1 Female White b Kentucky

Courtesy Darrell Oakford:
Married: 5 OCT 1837 in Tazewell County, Virginia, USA
Household Record 1880 United States Census Household: Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace Charles BILLITER Self M Male W 65 VA Farmer NC NC Mary BILLITER Wife M Female W 65 NC Keeping House NC NC Lurena BILLITER Dau S Female W 28 KY At Ho William BILLITER Son S Male W 38 KY Farm Lab James BILLITER Son D Male W 34 KY Farm Lab Mary J. BILLITER Dau S Female W 31 KY At Ho Frances BILLITER Dau S Female W 19 KY At Ho James BILLITER GSon S Male W 15 KY Farm Lab Mary A. BILLITER GDau S Female W 11 KY At Ho Samuel BILLITER GSon S Male W 8 KY KY KY Augusta BILLITER GDau S Female W 5 KY KY KY Charles S. BILLITER GSon S Male W 3 KY KY KY Pauline BILLITER GDau S Female W 11M KY
Using son John Wesley's birth in Lawrence Co, Kentucky in 1839 as a clue, the Lawrence County detail was searched and no Billiters were found.  1/2008 - JHB

Charley married Mary Green, daughter of Green and Algusta, on 5 Oct 1837 in Wisel Co, VIrginia. Mary was born in 1817 in North Carolina (Stokes Co/Forsyth Co). She died about 1881 in Pike Co, Kentucky.

They had the following children.

+ 181 M i John Wesley Billiter was born on 11 Jul 1839. He died on 29 Nov 1913.
  182 F ii Susannah A Billiter was born in 1840 in Pike Co, Kentucky.
        Susannah married James Meredith Layne on 22 Aug 1867 in Pike Co, Kentucky. James was born in 1841 in Pike Co, Kentucky.
+ 183 M iii William Charles Billiter was born in Jul 1842. He died in 1910/1920.
+ 184 F iv Tabitha Frances Billiter was born in 1845.
+ 185 F v Victoria Billiter was born about 1847.
  186 M vi James D Billiter was born in Mar 1848 in Pike Co, Kentucky.
  187 F vii Mary J Billiter was born in 1849 in Kentucky.
  188 F viii Luvena Billiter was born about 1850 in Kentucky.
  189 F ix Sarah A. Billiter was born about 1854.
  190 M x Charles E Billiter was born in May 1857.
+ 191 F xi Frances A Billiter was born about 1861.

67. Joseph Billiter (Edward , Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born in 1824.

Joseph married Lucinda. Lucinda was born in 1831.

They had the following children.

  192 F i Sarah E Billiter was born in 1849.

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