Probable Photographs of John Billiter and wife Lucy Ann Crow circa 1865

John Billiter (?)

Lucy Ann Crow Billiter (?)

We think these photo images are very likely those of John Billiter, son of Joe the Boat Builder, and of John's wife, Lucy Ann Crow. John was born in 1816 in Pennsylvania, and he married Lucy Crow in 1835 in Marshall Co, Virginia (now West Virginia). Earl Billiter, a descendant of John and Lucy, kindly provided the photos. Karen Romick and her brother scanned them into digital format, and Ralph Billiter had them dated (Thanks to the Ohio Historical Society!) to the late Civil War period, about 1865. John would have been 49, and Lucy Ann would have been about 45. Their last child, George Billiter, was about one year old, and another son, Peter, my g-grandfather, would have been 2 to 3 years old then. John died about three years after the photographs were taken. Lucy lived much longer and eventually remarried Elias Villers.

We would be grateful to anyone who could positively identify either of these photographs.

Lucy Ann Crow is the daughter of Peter Crow (b 1763) and Suzanna Earlewine. Peter and his father, Jacob, were Revolutionary soldiers (See DAR records.) Peter was also a scout in the preliminaries to the Sandusky campaign which culminated in the Battle of Fallen Timbers (August 20, 1794 near modern Toledo, Ohio.)

The Billiter genealogy for John and Lucy Ann may be found by following the Contents link on the Billiter Lines home page.

[Discussion courtesy Jim Billiter, gg-grandson of John and Lucy Ann.]

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